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This is the little corner where we share about our everything – from our imagine stories to our daily journals.

We are two sisters. Me – Sophia and my little one – Emilia, we run this site together and build it up with our best and two gorgeous hearts. A piece of information of who we are for those who are curious. Me and Emilia, we were both born in USA – the place where my parents’ adventure stories began, so basically, we spent our childhoods there. Therefore, I do believe that this period of time had a huge impact on our characters today, since I read an article about six first years of a child can form his or her life. USA was in our pasts, though we still want to comeback there somedays in the future. Back to the present, we are now living with my family here in Viet Nam, it took us a tad of time to get used to everything, but right now, it’s just way beyond what we need – good friends, good food, lovely people and so much more than that.

I don’t know if you guys ever wonder about why we named our website as “The Apple Tree”, but just in case you want to know, we have our own story. Have you ever heard about the story “The boy and the apple tree” – that a pretty good and meaningful story in our opinions. I came across that story in a book, which my mom bought, for my – something that I couldn’t even remember. I read through the whole book in just 10 minutes, as the story is really good, I grabbed it in my hand and went share it with my beloved little sister. She couldn’t read though so I read it out loud for her. She couldn’t catch it either so I explained it to her. She liked it, I could tell since her eyes were wide open and stick to the book. I thought she couldn’t understand most of what I was saying but somedays she would. I will leave the story in one of my blog note for you guys to read, it’s a good one, I repeat. So we do like it and it came up to my mind the first time I had to think of a name for the site. And we chose it.

This is a heart-warming and a touching story. This is so very true and it’s about time that we appreciate our parents, friends, loved ones and our family and be there for them, not only when we need their help. This story is a great lesson to all of us. Thank the author so much for creating this wonderful story. It’s so beautiful & well said. Love & cherish them – your loved ones – all the days of your life because after all, they gave you theirs! It inspired me so much that sometimes I constantly keep thinking about it. This beautiful story reminds me of being a good person. And that’s also a reason why I create this website, I want to write down my own stories and take a look back at how far I go and what I do to my loved ones. Each step further and simultaneously complete my well-being. Me and my lovely sister hope that you all can find something that you need at some moments when you wander around our little corner. We are really appreciate if we can accompany with all of you on the journey of your lives.


Sophia and Emilia

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